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Our company provides CPR training for corporate and individuals in Kuala Lumpur, and Selangor, Malaysia.

CPR simply means cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is the emergency procedure where chest compression and breathing into someone is done to preserve the brain function before a medical practitioner arrives or before the patient gets to the hospital.

It is mostly done to people who cannot breathe or who are experiencing abnormal breathing. For example a cardiac arrest patient.

CPR compressions for adults are between 5cm and 6cm deep at the rate of 100 per minute. For a dying cardiac arrest patient, immediate CPR followed by defibrillation can save their life.

If CPR is performed poorly it can cause a number of complications like rib fractures, sternal fracture, internal bleeding, hear contusion, damage of liver or spleen etc.

Basic CPR skills and knowledge that you should know:

Compression with rescue breathes

For adults, after every 30 compressions two rescue breaths are given. For children, after every 15 compressions two rescue breaths are given with a minimum of two rescuers. For adults the compressions should be done using two hands, in children one hand and in infant’s two fingers.

Compression only

This is doing compressions without the rescue breaths. This is because it is easier to do than the compression with rescue breaths. If done by someone who is trained, the chance of saving a cardiac arrest patient is 70:30. This provides a better chance of life as you wait for the paramedics to arrive.

There are 2 main types of CPR:

Prone CPR

This is done to a patient who is lying on their chest. This CPR is however limited to cases when the person cannot be overturned. Proper training helps judge a situation in which it is safe to turn a patient and cases when it’s not.

CPR for Pregnant Mums

This is the most complicated CPR as it involves two lives. However it is a must know as it can help save a fetus and its mother during the pregnancy.

Reasons why you should attend our CPR training:

  • It is an affordable training that can save many lives
  • CPR classes are simple, short and with a lot of practical thus easy to understand.
  • Reduce the fear of helping out in emergency cases for example cardiac arrest cases or  drowning victim.
  • Increase your chance to get a part time job for example as a paramedic or a life saver in swimming pool or near large water bodies. It is also a good skill to add into your resume
  • For people who have cardiac arrest cases in their family, they offer a have a fighting chance of survival for their members by being equipped with CPR skills.

Please speak to our customer and sales team for more information about our CPR training today.

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Simply request for a FREE Quote today. Speak to our customer service representative today to enquire about more information regarding our CPR trainings, pricing, venue and timing. Call 017-330-8333 or email us at hi@competenciestraining.com

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Our customer service representative will reply your request within a few working hours to find out more about the CPR trainings that you require and arrange for a follow up call or meeting with you. Subsequently, once you have confirmed our service, we will issue you with an invoice attached within 1 working day.

Who is the target audience for the CPR training course?

Anyone is welcome to attend our CPR training course. This course in particular mainly attracts adults, business owners and companies, and any individuals who are interested in learning new skills about CPR – cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


One of the very good CPR training courses that I’ve attended. The course syllabus delivered all the necessary theories and practical hands on activities. The trainer was knowledgeable, experienced and conducted the training with high energy throughout the whole day.

Puan Aida

I really enjoyed attending your CPR training course. The way the instructor shared on how to apply CPR in a practical way to real life situations was very refreshing and informative. Thank you for the wonderful and informative workshop.

Claire Ho

Practical CPR training, examples of real life scenarios was shared during the course. The trainer was experienced and knowledgeable and had attended several incidents of CPR cases in real life.

Encik Razak

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