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In the current day and time, basic first aid training service is offered by numerous companies, which sometimes can be ineffective, as companies aim to cash in on the training of first aid service offering. This has resulted into poor quality first aid service training by such companies, which can be fatal during emergencies.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for provision of the best basic first aid training services. Our training company is established in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and we employ only experienced and skilled staff and our first aid trainers have vast knowledge on first aid skills and information.

Why should one equip themselves with basic first aid knowledge and skills?

Basic first aid skills are an important skill set which should be acquired for a variety of reasons which includes:

  • The skill set enables one to be able to perform simple first aid skills which are essential in saving lives.
  • Enables one to take care of simple medical incidents such as fainting and wound dressing.
  • One will be able to comfort patients before appropriate medical personnel arrive.
  • The skills will enable anyone to take care of themselves in case of injuries.

Basic first aid training service basically involves teaching participants and learners the foundation of offering first aid services. Our company has some of the best industry gurus who will offer you the best basic first aid training service in the industry.

During our one day basic first aid course, we offer learners insights into first aid elements such as:

  • Basic Life Support
  • (CPR for Adult, Children & Baby)
  • Medical Emergency
  • Foreign Body Airway
  • Obstruction
  • (Helping Choking Victim, Adult, Children & Baby)
  • Bleeding & Wound Control
  • Skeletal Injuries
  • Incident and Scene Simulation
  • Safety

Furthermore, our learners will be able to learn how to take care of basic injuries and wounds such as burns, dislocations and skin irritations.

All participants will obtain a certification of completion after successfully completing our training. The course fees can be customised to include tea break refreshments and lunch for participants.

Our teaching lessons will guarantee one the maximum knowledge grasping, as we will carry out practical examples on dummies to enable one to fully articulate basic first aid situations.

Our company also has flexible learning hours which caters for all learners and their schedules. For instance, basic first aid training course will constitute of lessons for only 1 day which can be taught during the weekend or weekday. This enables learners to easily select the best times to attend the first aid lessons.

Our main service location for our basic first aid training is in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. However, we also conduct out of town trainings in other areas in Peninsula Malaysia.

Basic first aid skills are very important for everyone to possess, as no one knows when tragedy can strike.

Therefore, we should be always ready to face these difficulties with courage and knowledge to enable preservation of life. Our basic first aid training service is the best in the industry, as we provide the best knowledge when it comes to basic first aid, and all at an affordable prices.

Please speak to our customer and sales team for more information about our basic first aid training today.

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Simply request for a FREE Quote today. Speak to our customer service representative today to enquire about more information regarding our basic first aid trainings, pricing, venue and timing. Call 017-330-8333 or email us at

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Our customer service representative will reply your request within a few working hours to find out more about the basic first aid trainings that you require and arrange for a follow up call or meeting with you. Subsequently, once you have confirmed our service, we will issue you with an invoice attached within 1 working day.

Who is the target audience for the basic first aid training course?

Anyone is welcome to attend our basic first aid training course. This course in particular mainly attracts adults, business owners and companies, and any individuals who are interested in learning new skills about basic first aid.


I just want to drop your team a note to say thank you to your awesome team for a very positive first impression and session with your organization for our May 2018 basic first aid training for our staff. Well done! I believe our employees thoroughly enjoyed attending your course and learnt some new first aid knowledge and skills.

Puan Rozana

I really enjoyed your first aid training lessons. The way the instructor shared on how to apply first aid knowledge in a practical way to real life situations was very refreshing and informative. Now I know why the rating from the past participants on your training is so high. Thank you for the wonderful 1 day workshop.


The basic first aid training course that was conducted for our staff was informative and there were a few hands on session for us to practice our skills. Thank you for great and informative session indeed.

Encik Ramlan

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