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Our company provides quality baby first aid training lessons in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Looking for a baby first aid training? Are you looking for the best baby first aid course? Do you need to read a baby first aid book? Well, we think that you are in the right place at the right time because we can give you what you need whether you are a parent or will be expecting a baby in the near future.

We will talk about the steps and what you have to do to deal with a baby in various situations where the infant requires first aid, for example if the baby is choking, drowning, having fits or seizures, bleeding, having difficulty breathing, allergic reaction, burn, poisoning and other emergency situations.

You will also learn how to carry out the necessary procedure with the baby when it needs first aid.

Participants will receive practical, hands-on learning from our friendly and skilled trainer. We recommend that all participants wear comfortable clothes and shoes as there will be practical activities during the course.

Some basic steps to be carried out if you encounter a baby that may be experiencing a situation that requires first aid:

– Put the baby on your shoulders and check if the infant is ok by engaging to see if he or she is responding to your voice or touch.

– If the baby seems to be choking or having difficulty breathing, open an airway by tilting the kid’s head the back just slightly. This will allow you to lift his or her chin right away.

– Listen to the child so you can find signs of life such as breathing.

– If you find your baby choking, you have to do this: put his or her bottom up and his or her head down. This will allow you to harness the power of gravity to give the baby air to move.

– If your kiddo is hurt by a burn, you just have to use cold water and submerge the wound into the water.

– Cool your kids down if they are under a febrile seizure.

Remember that you can give a kid what he or she needs, but you have to know what you do. Therefore, follow these tips to help your baby get some relief before sending your baby to the hospital or clinic if required for more medical attention.

To learn more about baby first aid training, please contact and speak to our expert baby first aid trainers now.

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Simply request for a FREE Quote today. Speak to our customer service representative today to enquire about more information regarding our baby first aid trainings and certifications, pricing, venue and timing. Call 017-330-8333 or email us at

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Who is the target audience for the baby first aid training course?

Anyone is welcome to attend our baby first aid training course. This course in particular mainly attracts parents and parents-to-be, home based child care takers, grandparents, family members, babysitters, children care centers & providers, and any individuals who are interested in learning new skills about baby first aid training.


Amazing baby first aid training organised for my team of child care providers! We really enjoyed ourselves while learning more about baby first aid skills and knowledge. Thank you!


Great training for baby first aid skills and knowledge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The trainer was knowledgeable and experienced in the baby first aid training and me and my wife benefited and learned a lot during the course. Thank you!

Mr Hamid and wife

Informative, interesting and engaging baby first aid training class in KL. YTEC team, thank you for sharing your knowledge with me so I am prepared to administer first aid to my children if the situation arises.

Madam Lee Meng

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